60 Seconds to Improve Your Skin!

60 Seconds to Improve Your Skin!

Did you know that there's something you can easily implement into your skincare ritual right now that will improve your skin?

It costs nothing and only takes 60 seconds!

We invite you to try 60 second cleansing. 

It's pretty simple really! Count to 60 slowly (or pop a timer on your phone if you prefer) as you cleanse your skin morning and night to invoke some mindfulness into your skincare ritual and ensure that the essential oils, vitamins and extracts in your cleanser penetrate deep into the skin.

There is so much goodness packed into your Facial Cleanser, so why not make the ingredients work harder for you so that your skin can really reap the rewards?

Give your cleanser a chance to really transform your skin, tighten your pores and improve the texture and appearance, all by spending just a little more time than you might spend now. 

Focus on each part of your face, neck and décolletage, taking the time to work the cleanser into each area of your skin, remembering areas like around your hairline, the crevices by your nose and that pesky area by your ears!  

Our Pink Hibiscus Facial Cleanser is designed for use on dry skin, so remember to moisten your hands, or your cleansing tool (we're currently trialling a massaging cleansing tool which we'll review in a future post) before emulsifying in your hands and applying to dry skin. 

This limited amount of moisture activates the lotion, but ensures you get more consistent coverage across your face, neck and décolletage for a more effective cleanse. 

Give the 60 second cleanse morning and night a try for the next fortnight and report back your results in the comments below. We'd love to hear how effective you find this little addition to your skincare ritual!



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