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We love receiving feedback about our Pink Hibiscus skincare range and are so grateful to those who have taken the time out to send us a note about their experience with our products.
Lauren Golman - Reporter, A Current Affair
Ruhamah G - Sydney
“I love your products so much. So impressive. There's really nothing else like Pink Hibiscus out there.”
Anna W – Former Beauty Editor & Freelance Journalist
“Let me start by saying that I love scrubs. Face scrubs, body scrubs, I love using them. However, because I have used so many over the years I have become a bit picky when it comes to what I like. And I LOVE the Pink Hibiscus Body Smoother.
The smell is also a big plus, and that was before I even used it. The texture was a little jelly like making it easy to apply and spread over the skin. The granules were the right size and not only did the skin feel refreshed after use but also moisturised. The great news is that I wasn't the only one who found this to be so. My Beauty Review panelists also loved this product. So make sure you give yourself a treat and try it for yourself.”
 Livia M - Beauty Editor
“I am impressed! Pink Hibiscus products smell divine and feel so good on the skin! You have made an old woman very happy. You know the saying that if you feel good, you look good! In my opinion, they are worth every penny and I will be buying them again and again. Finally some skincare that works that doesn’t cost the earth. To think how much money I wasted over the years on stuff full of chemicals!”
Teresa L - Western Australia
“The fragrance of the Body Smoother reminded me of a day spa. The application was easy as the product was not too thick and spread easily over my skin. The smell was very appealing and the granules were so tiny they almost tickled when rubbed on. My skin felt very smooth and even after use. I found that it prepared my skin well for the sunless tanning lotion I was about to apply and I had no dry patches to deal with. 4 stars.”
Noeleen - The Beauty Review
“The Pink Hibiscus skincare range is not only innovative and user-friendly, its fresh, natural ingredients and affordable price tag make it a stand-out range amongst the plethora of beauty products. At the end of the day, people want a skincare range that works for them on a daily basis, not just in the beauty salon and Pink Hibiscus skincare does just that.”
Miriam W – Beauty Therapist
“Pink Hibiscus offers a range of beautifully natural, handmade skincare products to suit every type of skin. My favourite is the most fabulous Frangipani & White Ginger Body Soufflé! A Pink Hibiscus summer never has to end! A million stars!”
Rose L - Sydney
“I have used a few other brands of body scrubs in preparation for a spray tan with little success. My first impression of the Body Smoother was that it looked quite similar to the products I’ve used in the past however, upon trying it out; I discovered it was very different!
The product is surprisingly liquidy, so make sure you use it in the bathroom to avoid making a mess! The Pink Hibiscus Body Smoother did a fantastic job of exfoliating my skin, but the main point of difference was that it also moisturised my skin and left it feeling smooth and bikini-ready!
It has a refreshing lemongrass scent that reminds me of summer. I would definitely purchase this product for myself, especially during the countdown to summer! The Pink Hibiscus Body Smoother deserves a perfect 5 Stars!” 
Karlee - The Beauty Review 
"I am totally blown away as to how the Pink Hibiscus Eyelights Eye Balm works. It’s been a few days of applying at night and my puffiness has gone! The black circles have calmed down and those evil lines are slowly going away. I've never commented on a product before but it’s amazing and all natural plus made in Australia!"
Anthony V - Sydney
“I love the skin care range at Pink Hibiscus. I found the products so light and gentle to my skin yet moisturising and replenishing. The soft fragrances are revitalising and sheer pleasure to my nose. So many products I have used in the past have left my skin dry or oily but as soon as I started using the products from Pink Hibiscus I noticed a vast improvement.
I am very conscious of using natural products and am ecstatic to find something so beautiful that is good for me as well. Let me say that aside the very friendly and professional service, the fast delivery; the quality of the products are in a league of their own which I look forward to using every day. I know where I will be going every time I need some skincare for myself, loved ones and friends and that is of course to Pink Hibiscus.'' 
Hally R - Melbourne
“The Body Smoother has a slightly runnier texture than other body exfoliators I've used but I found that this actually made it easier to apply and I didn't need to use a lot. In the pot the smell was quite strong which I think was the patchouli, but applied to the skin the smell was lovely and did linger on my skin throughout the day. It had a perfect grainy texture that you would expect of an exfoliator. It left my skin beautiful and smooth, in summer this would be perfect to use prior to fake tanning. I would purchase it again as I loved the packaging, smell and the effect that it had on my skin. I would have to give this 5 Stars.” 
Katie – The Beauty Review
“For years I have struggled to keep my skin blemish free. I have tried so many products that promise the world but don’t deliver. My skin ended up feeling dry and looking dull. I really liked the fact that all of the products are made from natural ingredients. I now enjoy blemish-free skin and don't have to worry about breaking out all the time. My skin feels, and looks, so much better!'' 
Jaedene L - Sydney
“The Pink Hibiscus skincare products are beautiful and a pleasure to use and to look at on the dressing table”
Liz T - Sydney
"I am in love with the Pink Hibiscus skincare range! It truly has worked for me! I will now no longer use any other products on my face." 
Natalie W - Sydney
“I had oily skin and suffered from sensitivity with red blotches on my nose and cheeks. Since starting the Pink Hibiscus face range, the redness was visibly reduced after about 2 weeks and my skin is no longer excessively oily. I can't believe how quickly it helped my skin and I am totally hooked. I used it on my friend and she commented on how lovely it smells as well. Not only a great product but lovely service!” 
Helen B - Sydney
"Thank you so much for your amazing products Pink Hibiscus! I've recently started using your Frangipani & White Ginger Body Soufflé (I absolutely adore the smell and my skin feels moisturised all day - it especially compliments my skin after having used the Body Smoother - my skin just feels amazing!). I'm also using most of your skincare range! I can only use natural products on my skin and these are by far the most effective I've ever come skin just feels so soft and clean!
I've had quite a number of friends complimenting me on how great my skin is Pink Hibiscus is really helping my self-esteem too!!! I can't wait until all my other skincare products run out so my whole skincare regime will solely consist of Pink Hibiscus products!!" 
Paige N - Sydney
“Over the years I have tried so many different skin care products like Clinique, Clarins, Shiseido, Md Formulations and Dermalogica (just to name a few!!) but none of them ever made my skin feel as deliciously soft as Pink Hibiscus skincare. I love Pink Hibiscus!”
Debbie I - Sydney
"I was very impressed by the Pink Hibiscus collection. The product quality is amazing! I just love the way my skin feels with Pink Hibiscus skincare!" 
Rebecca A - Sydney
"I just want to say that since I purchased your range I have started using your products morning & night and they are just fabulous to use! I'm a Clinique girl and have been for years and nothing could ever take me away from using their products, but I think you've converted me to your skincare range and I’m loving it!
Your products are so soft and gentle on my face and that's just what I need for my type of skin. I just want to eat and eat your Body Soufflé, it smells the yummiest and I can't get enough! I actually put it on before I go to bed as well so that when I wake up in the morning my sheets smell of it! My boyfriend loves it too!" 
Kelli L - Sydney
“The Body Soufflé in Coconut & Lime is my favourite Pink Hibiscus product - it smells delish and isn't too overpowering but just enough scent for people to constantly ask me if I am wearing coconut. Feels great too, not greasy at all.” 
Jordana B - Sydney
"Just a short note to say a BIG thank you for all your help and advice on your skin care range. As you are aware I am in remission with my Cancer and had to be very careful of the products I used. I have been using your wonderful products for a few months now and have seen amazing results with my skin. I would be more than happy to recommend your products to all of my friends." 
Julie M - Sydney
"I've tried just about every skincare product available and have never been able to find one that's right for my skin. Since I started using Pink Hibiscus products my skin is clearer and softer than it's ever been. The products don't leave my skin feeling greasy and they smell divine!" 
Samantha B - Sydney
"I love Pink Hibiscus Skincare...there are so many products that I love! The Frangipani & White Ginger Body Soufflé smells like complete paradise and leaves my skin really nourished but not greasy. Whenever I put it on I get comments on how fresh and beautiful it smells! I love that the products are natural, ethical and affordable'. 
Selina N - Sydney
"I just had to comment on your fabulous new Eyelights range, which I absolutely adore! I've been using the Eye Balm regularly and can honestly say it's one of the nicest I've tried. The delicate eye area is the one of the areas I'm paranoid about ageing (I put that down to being a smiley 30+ year old!!) and this balm is just perfect, rich enough to feel luxurious but not too cloggy. I'd recommend anybody give it go!" 
Louise R - UK
"Pink Hibiscus' products combine great moisturising for my dry skin with a beautiful calming smell of essential oils. The Hand- Aid is one of my staple skincare products, it's non-greasy, smells divine and doesn't dry out my skin out like other moisturisers." 
Anna S - Sydney
"As a guy, the choice to use skin care products can be a hard one, especially if it's to keep your skin clear or just stop dryness. Often, it's too heavy or greasy… honestly it seems a losing battle. But I find Pink Hibiscus products keep my skin under control, moisturised and thankfully not feeling like an oil slick!" 
Abe K - Sydney
“I have been trying different products for years, trying to find something that worked for my skin. I tried everything from chemical filled products like Proactive, to all-natural organic products and spent a small fortune trying different things out. My skin didn’t like any of these products and I either broke out with blemishes, got irritated and developed a rash, or became very dry in some areas and very oily in others!!
I was just about at my wits end when I discovered Pink Hibiscus! Natalie took the time to understand my skincare needs and advised me on the best products for me. She is flexible in allowing me to vary my range to find the perfect combination. PLUS the products are DIVINE!!!
My skin feels clean and nourished with no irritations or break outs, and I actually look forward to my skincare routine now rather than it being a chore! Pamper yourself and give Pink Hibiscus products a try – you’ll notice the difference!” 
Frances Q - Sydney
"I got my skin care range on Friday - immediately washed my face!  It's now Monday morning - spent all weekend eating junk food and drinking (V8s). After using Mary Kay for 2 weeks my skin was terrible - red inflamed and sore (and full of pimples which I'd never had before) - after only 3 days of using your products - it's soft and almost completely clear (will be by the end of the week I think).
This is seriously the best skin care range I have ever used (and my boyfriend loves the smell)- and I've tried everything! Not to mention paid a small fortune for products that don't work. 
I'm now a complete junkie and will never use anything else.  I can't say enough good things about Pink Hibiscus! Love the website too - very easy to use. Please don't ever stop making this stuff! I can't wait to try all the body products as well." 
Rebecca W - Darwin
“I have finally used up all my Clarins products and am now using Pink Hibiscus exclusively. My skin is glowing! I am more than happy to shout from the rooftops about your wonderful products and services.” 
Carolyn W - Gympie
"I couldn't recommend Pink Hibiscus highly enough to someone wishing to have glowing, smooth and radiant skin and at an affordable price. As someone who is super healthy but very hormonal, I have always been prone to frequent break outs and had small bumps on my chest and arms since I can remember.
I am indebted to Pink Hibiscus for their amazing facial and body products that have done wonders for my skin. The texture is now dewy and nourished, the redness has reduced and I no longer have any bumps on my body thanks to the all natural and remedial ingredients.
My family and friends are amazed by the dramatic change to my skin is, and are now using the products themselves since finding out my secret! It's a wonderful product for all ages and skin types. Thank you Natalie!” 
Lisa H - Sydney
"Natalie recommended I use the Amethyst Facial Spritz as a way of dealing with newly developed anxiety and stress. I started by spraying it over my bed every night before sleep and within days I felt much calmer and lighter. I now won't leave the house or attempt to sleep without a quick spritz. Thank you, Natalie!"
Nahrain J - Sydney