5 Tips To Guarantee More Fun Op-Shopping

5 Tips To Guarantee More Fun Op-Shopping

Eco stylist and founder of My Style Box, Naomi Bell, shares her tips to ensure a more successful and enjoyable op-shopping experience!

The joy of finding a true gem in a jam packed op shop can seem like only a fantasy. I’m sure we've all heard that smug friend exclaim, “oh this is a Gucci jacket I found in a little vintage shop in Paris for an absolute bargain”. 

I can assure you with these tips you too will find some gems that will make your friends envious!

1. Plan:  Make a list of items you need or want, keep it in your phone or notebook. This will help you have a focus when you walk in.  Op shops can be a great place to get your wardrobe basics like blazers, denim or shirts.

If you're needing some inspiration, research online or magazines for current trends like shapes or colours.  This can be so much fun! I'm a bit of a fashion nerd and I love to create a Pinterest board of styles I love, it’s a great reference tool. 

2. Prepare: My tip when shopping for clothing, be it in op shops or on the high street, is to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off or put things over the top.  Wear nude underwear and, for warmer season shopping, have your fake tan on (if you use it of course!). 

3. Explore:  Start by looking at your normal size range, but then look at the size both up and down, remember brands can size differently. Try the men's section especially when looking at blazers, jumpers and shirts.

I love a men's shirt, they often have more starch and look great with the collar turned up.  Keep an eye out for quality brands, this is where you may find your very own gem. 

4. Be open-minded:  Like shopping at Westfield, some days you have success and some days you don’t. This is a great opportunity to explore some styles you may normally avoid, I'm not talking fancy dress, but perhaps something like a different shaped jean.  

5. Made for you: Don’t be afraid to make some alterations. If you don’t already, find a good tailor.  Having clothes tailored to fit your body can make you feel amazing, plus it will make your clothes look expensive. 

Shopping pre-loved is a great opportunity to find something unique, keep fashion circular, maybe help support a charity and even save yourself some money.  

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