Spotlight on Chamomile

Spotlight on Chamomile

Chamomile either in its essential oil or extract form is such a staple ingredient in the Pink Hibiscus product range and for good reason!

Suitable for all skin-types, chamomile (Chameamelum - the name comes from the Greek meaning, earth apple) is particularly beneficial for sensitive and dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory and calming properties and is believed to alleviate anxiety, stress and promote the free flow of Qi.

It can also help to reduce redness in skin, prevents and can destroy fungal infections, is antibacterial, softens and soothes skin and can be used to treat acne, burns, blisters, cold sores, dermatitis, eczema, cuts, boils and insect bites!

With daisy-like flowers, the Roman chamomile essential oil we use derives from England, with the plant originally a native of Western Europe. Our chamomile extract, on the other hand, is a distillation of German chamomile essential oil, derived from Egypt. 

The property differences are very subtle between German and Roman chamomile essential oils, even though the oils themselves look remarkably different. 

Roman chamomile is a pale yellow-coloured liquid while German chamomile is a deep blue. Their chemical composition is quite different however. Roman chamomile contains very little chamazulene which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties of German chamomile.

The essential oil and extract is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the plant and Roman chamomile has quite a light, sweet, herbaceous fragrance, where German chamomile has a more pungent herbaceous fragrance with an undertone of fruit. 

Maroc chamomile, which is rarely used in skincare or topical formulations, doesn't feature many of the beneficial properties of the Roman and German chamomile varieties. It also looks very different.  

Historically in Europe, chamomile flowers were used to aid in digestion, in a poultice to help reduce swelling, as a diuretic, to ease cramps and as a tool to calm the nervous system.

Chamomile tea is my go-to when I'm experiencing PMS or cramping of any kind. I especially love it when blending with spearmint or peppermint. 

Roman chamomile oil will benefit those with a short fuse, who are sensitive or find themselves discontent, while German chamomile oil will benefit those who need to share their feelings more. 

From a further energetic perspective, German chamomile can help in calming agitation and can be used to heal the aura where anger or heat is present. Roman chamomile soothes the spirit and relates to the throat chakra to help you express your truth. 

You can experience the benefits of chamomile in the following Pink Hibiscus products:

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